Birth certificate in Ukraine

A birth certificate (extract / certified copy of the birth record) on the territory of Ukraine. The document will be issued by the relevant competent authority, therefore it will have full legal force.
the price does not include delivery cost and the cost of a notarized translation of the documents required from you (if needed)


Select documents
Decide what document(s) or information you need. You can order several documents at once.
Fill in the application form
Include as much information as possible, even if it is approximate.
Attach copies of documents you have.
Fill in the application form
We analyze the information
Using databases, archival catalogs and our long-term experience, we will analyze the information you provided and determine whether it is possible to obtain these documents, as well as identify the possible risks.
We tell you the exact search terms
In an email or a message in Telegram, we will inform you whether it is possible to obtain the documents you are interested in, what are possible risks, cost and terms, payment methods, exact list of documents required from you.
You provide the required documents
In most cases, originals or scanned copies (the exact list will be indicated in reply) of a power of attorney and copies of documents confirming kinship will be needed from you.
You pay the cost of services
You pay the cost of searching for documents and the cost of translating the documents needed from you (if required).
We obtain documents
We obtain the documents you need from the relevant competent authorities, so they have full legal force.
Sending documents
You pay the cost of your chosen delivery service to any country (delivery within Ukraine is free), we send the documents to the address you specified and inform you with the track number.
You receive the documents
The official documents received during the search are fully legally binding, so you can safely submit these documents to the consulate or your lawyer.

Examples of archival documents

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