Oleg Verbliudov

Heir Tracing in Ukraine and Eastern Europe


My name is Oleg Verbliudov and I am a professional genealogist with 14+ years of experience in Ukrainian and Eastern European archives and registry offices.

Since 2009 I'm providing service in retrieval and obtaining official documents and archival information in all types of competent authorities of Ukraine and nearby countries.

I have researched all types of documents created in Ukraine in 18—20 centuries. And such extensive experience helped me successfully complete 3000+ cases.
Deep Expertise
I have specialized historical education and for more than 14 years I'm providing professional and qualitative service in retrieving archival information and obtaining official documents from the relevant competent authorities of Ukraine.
Direct Access to Sources
I have direct access to archival documents and even to the civil registry database in Ukraine and a broad network of contacts in other Eastern European countries, which allows me to produce a rapid and useful outcome.
Clear Terms and Conditions
You provide an input information — I provide a preliminary report with estimated hourly expenses and timeframes — You approve the order — I provide a report with information (or official documents, or contacts of potential heirs). Repeat if needed :)
Focus on Results
I'm doing researches to provide you with a comprehensive report on each case. And I'm always doing the double check and even an extra check to ensure that all possibilities are used.
Hourly Rate
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Discount on the First Order
Any possible additional expenses will be agreed upon with you!


and my skills!
All stages
of probate research: tracing possible heirs, making a contract with them; obtaining official documents. I can help you with all these stages!
With both large and small cases!
Facts and hints
which I focus on during research:
names, Eastern Europe is a multilingual and multicultural region, so it is important to consider all possible forms of a personal name, patronymic and surname;
dates, they helping identify a person and giving time frames for facts and events;
religion and social group, because each community had its own history which provides clues for the research;
places of residence give us location frames and able to prove relationships between residents;
occupation and place of work, despite possible biases, could outline persons portrait, their motives and reasons;
accuracy of facts and possible ambiguities, to highlight weak points of the evidence base.
Broad network of contacts
for the last 14 years, I have researched documents in almost all main archives in Eastern Europe.
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where I'm able to do research:
— Ukraine;
— Azerbaijan;
— Belarus;
— Kazakhstan;
— Latvia;
— Lithuania;
— Moldova;
— Poland;
— Russia;
— ask me if you need another country!

Free advices
send me an input information and I'll reply to you with a preliminary report on what could or could not be found, what documents were preserved and what was lost, because a lot of archives were destroyed during WW2.
It's absolutely free!
in which I read documents:
— Ukrainian (all versions and scripts);
— Czech;
— German (Fraktur and Kurrent scripts);
— Latin;
— Latvian (Fraktur and modern scripts);
— Lithuanian;
— Polish;
— Romanian (Cyrillic and Latin scripts);
— Russian (all versions and scripts).
Offline storage only
I'm using desktop software to store information and family trees, so only you and me having access to the confidential data.
50% discount on the first order
no strings attached :)
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