Confirmation of Nationalitymeans searching and obtaining of official documents at competent authorities responsible for somebody’s nationality and his/her direct/indirect ancestors.

Historical Bureau professionals have been searching for documents confirming nationality since 2009. Extensive experience gained during these years enables us to provide high-quality consulting services offering you the opportunity to find and obtain all the necessary documents confirming nationality of your ancestors in a fast and simple way. Longstanding partnership with consulates, legal authorities and record offices in Ukraine, Israel, Europe and CIS enables us to demonstrate individual approach to each Customer.

Our range of services is represented by (but not limited to) the following areas:

– confirmation of Jewish nationality;
– confirmation of Polish origin;
– receipt of Certificate of Bulgarian Origin (issued by State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad);
– obtaining of Romanian citizenship;
– obtaining of citizenship or Resident Permit in Ukraine, confirmation of nationality and rights to obtain Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, Russian, and other citizenships.

Repatriation and Confirmation of Jewish Nationality

Pursuant to the Citizenship Law of the State of Israel dated 01.04.1952 Israeli citizenship may be obtained in the following cases: citizenship by descent – if a child is born from parents who are Israeli citizens, by way of naturalization and on the basis of the Law of Return dated 05.07.1950. This Law enables all Jews repatriate to Israel.

Not only Jews have the right to obtain Israeli citizenship, but also their spouses, children and grandchildren as well as spouses of children and grandchildren. When determining the right of Jew’s family member on repatriation it does not matter whether the Jew himself/herself is alive or whether he/she repatriated to Israel.

According to Article 4b of the Law of Return, a Jewis a person either born from Jewish mother or converted to Judaism and not belonging to any other religion.

The purpose of consulting as to the confirmation of right on repatriation to Israel is search of documents confirming Jewish nationality of one of your parents, grandmother or grandfather or great grandmother through the female or male lineage.

Confirmation of Polish Origin and Obtaining of Karta Polaka

Confirmation of Polish origin is one of the regulatory requirements of the Republic of Poland stipulated in Law “On Karta Polaka” dated 07.09.2007 (amended and restated) and Law “On Repatriation” dated 09.11.2000. The latter applies to the citizens of Asian part of the former USSR.

Provisions of these Laws restrict the search of documents confirming Polish nationality by 4th generation, i. e. it is permissible to have one of the parents of Polish origin (2nd generation), one of the grandmothers or grandfathers of Polish origin (3rd generation), TWO relatives among great grandmothers/great grandfathers of Polish origin (4th generation) in the direct ascending kinship line. These Laws are not applicable to the citizens (or their descendants) who left Poland in 1944 – 1957 due to the agreements between Poland and the USSR (and its union republics) on population exchange (Article 19 Law “On Karta Polaka” and Article 8 Law “On Repatriation”).

The goal of the consulting services for confirmation of Polish origin is searching and obtaining of documents containing information about Polish nationality or forced deprivation of citizenship of the Republic of Poland of direct relatives up to the 4th generation. Such documents include Polish ID cards, official records of births, deaths and marriages and their copies, or Baptismal Certificates containing information about Polish nationality, documents about military service in Polish Army with record of Polish nationality, and documents confirming the fact of deportation or prison confinement containing information about Polish nationality, identification documents of other administrative documents containing information about Polish nationality, and documents about rehabilitation of the deportee containing information about his/her Polish nationality, and documents confirming prosecution due to the Polish nationality of this person and other documents.

Search of Documents to Confirm Bulgarian Nationality. Certificate of Bulgarian Origin

Pursuant to the Law “On Bulgarian Citizenship” dated 18.11.1998, amended and restated, any person who declares his/her Bulgarian origin and provides documents for its confirmation may obtain Bulgarian citizenship. This person receives Certificate of Bulgarian Origin issued by the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, which grants the right of visa-free admission to Bulgaria and receipt of Bulgarian citizenship.

The purpose of the consulting as to the confirmation of Bulgarian origin is searching of documents containing information about the Bulgarian nationality of the Customer of his/her ancestors up to the 3rd generation (i. e. including grandmothers and grandfathers).

Search of Documents to Confirm Rights for Romanian Citizenship

Obtaining of Romanian citizenship does not require renunciation of the current nationality; does not require residence within the territory of Romania and does not require knowledge of the Romanian language. Since January 1, 2017 the Republic of Romania has become a full-fledged member of the European Union thus obtaining Romanian citizenship automatically includes the obtaining of EU citizenship.

Government Emergency Ordinance dated 29.10.2009 which introduced amendments into the Law “On Romanian Citizenship” dated 01.09.1991 provides the right for beneficial procedure to receive (or reinstate) citizenship of the Republic of Romania by individuals, their children and grandchildren who were born or resided within the territory of Romania between 1918 and 1940.

At that time the territory of Romania included the following historical regions: Northern Bukovina, Bessarabia, Southern Bessarabia (Budjak), which now are the territories of Chernivtsi Region, parts of Odessa Region and territory of the Republic of Moldova (excluding Transdniester).

The purpose of this consulting for confirmation of rights to reinstate Romanian citizenship is search of documents proving the fact that you, one of your parents or grandfathers (grandmothers) were born or resided within the territory of former Romania.


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