Documents & Records Retrieval

Archival Documents and Records Retrievalis a document service for searching and obtaining a wide range of official documents in archives, registry offices and other competent authorities of Ukraine, Russian, CIS and Europe. A list of these documents includes (but not limited) searching and obtaining the following documents:

Birth certificate;
Marriage certificate, Divorce certificate;
Death certificate;
Certificate of adoption;
Certificate of evacuation during World War II;
Certificate of residence / accommodation;
— Other documents you need in.

Search church records, parish registers, confessional lists, census records, revision lists

Our professionals provide search for information in church records (metrical books) and parish registers (birth records, marriage / divorce records, death records), confessional lists (lists of parishioners), census records, revision lists, military records, recruitment lists and other documents in archives of Ukraine, Russian, CIS and Europe.

The result of this service will be digital (electronic) copies of the pages of the archival document (record) with the revealed information. Search cost: from 20 EUR

Costs (approximate):

Type of document Unit of measurement Price (EUR)
Metrical book of 1800-1920 years (and later) 1 year per 1 church /
Metrical book of 1800-1920 years (capital of the province) 1 year per 1 church /
Metrical book of XVIII century (and earlier) 1 year per 1 church /
Confessional lists (lists of parishioners) 1 year per 1 church 25
Revision lists 1 revision per 1 settlement
and per 1 estate (class)
Census records 1 archive file 20


Please, send us all information you know about document you need to email: